18 September 2019



it is time to change my nail polish and use something 'new'. I bought 8 bottles of Essence nail varnishes when they were replacing them with the new design at the beginning of this year and I still haven't wear all of them. My mission is to use all of the nail polishes that I haven't try previously and with this grey number there is one less on the list.

First is Essence the gel nail polish in Rockablue and second is Essence shine last & go Millennial Pink (new formula and bottle design). I already raved about the soft pink one here.

I did this fun manicure with interchanging colors and I think that the two pastels went together lovely. I previously already wore the Millennial Pink and it is magnificent. With two coats I reach full opacity and there is no streaking. The Rockablue (it is more grey than blue but the undertone is blue) is thinner but still I can reach full opacity in two coats. It is not full on glossy but also not matte, something in between. I love wearing both of these colors separately or together (I will definitely match them again soon).

Essence makes lovely nail polishes in my opinion and I can't really distinguish between the new and old formula, they both work for me and if something will catch my eye I will for sure buy it, especially they being so inexpensive.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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