04 September 2019

Mrs. Rosalie Berry


I have finally pulled my stuff together and wrote this post. I have this blush for two years now and have started using it only a couple of months ago. You would ask why? Well, when I purchased it back in 2017 I had plenty of cheek products so I put in the back of one of my drawls (not meant for makeup and then I forgot about it). Now this collection of blushes is discontinued and that was the last push for me to publish it at last.

There were three versions of these Catrice strobing blushes and I bought the least 'me' shade named Mrs. Rosalie Berry. I left the lovely peach and bronze toned versions in the store and at first I was convinced that eventually I would get them...

I love the layout of the four slightly shimmery shades. I think it makes it a bit more different and therefore more desirable in a flood of blushes.

That darker corner might look a bit scary but the color gets diluted when I swirl them all together which creates lovely brighter pink shade which is on the neutral side of the spectrum if we talk about the undertone and some golden sheen that allows you to skip on the highlighter.

It is very pigmented so I have to be careful and tap the excess to avoid clown cheeks (I speak from experience) but after a long day it fades a bit. That was a bit disappointing.

On the swatch I just could't capture the lovely sheen but trust me it is there. This is one of the rare pink blushes in my collection (I prefer peach/coral tones or bronzer) but it is one of my favorite in pink color family. The fading properties doesn't bother me that much but strong pigmentation does, simply because I have to be extra careful and too much blush is hard to cover up or remove. That is why I decided not to get the other two shades plus I already have so many in similar tones that it would be too wasteful. I'm trying to shop less this year and somehow I'm managing. I have good and bad days but I'm sailing through.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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