30 September 2019



Autumn weather is upon us and if you are anything like me then you're probably catching all the Sunshine that you can get and using more Summer inspired products so the Summer time will last a bit longer.

Lets start with this L'occitane Terre de lumiere radiating hand and body cream. I have used it exclusively on my hands. The packaging is small and fits in all my purses plus the scent is gorgeous. To me it smells like lavender honey (some of my favorite scents) but I wish it wouldn't have shimmers. That being said I'm eyeing the perfume in this scent but I know that I really shouldn't...

Another amazing scent is from this Avon senses range and it is their Happiness body wash with Pomegranate and Freesia scent. I started using it on my vacation and I feel in love with it the moment I opened it up and sniff it. I will for sure repurcase this scent again, as soon as possible.

Another bottle of this Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation in Light Beige is empty (this is my second one). I love the light texture but also its buildable coverage. It doesn't look too fake and this particular shade is my perfect match. I'm already using the new bottle of it.

I received this Nivea Pearl & Beauty anti-perspirant from last years advent calendar and it was fun to try it out (the packaging is smaller than normally but it still lasted me for months). The scent reminded me of fabric softener which is nice because I don't want my deo to take the stage but to rather work with my other scents. The roll-on packaging is my favorite when it comes to these type of products and it kept me fresh but I would say it is more of a deodorant than an anti-perspirant because I was still sweating. I bought another one from Nivea, I initially wanted to grab the same one but I saw sticker new and bought something different ;)

Nivea released these Mix me body lotions trio in Charming, Exotic and Oasis. The idea behind is to mix them to your own liking and while I know it is a gimmick I still caved in because I sniffed them first (well there were scented rings on the outer box and I liked all three scents). Individually I liked all of them, my favorite is probably the Charming one. It is pure Raspberries and Peonies mix and this scent is really close to my heart. Exotic smelled like Pina Colada and Oasis was fresh and clean leaves in the jungle. I really liked mixing the yellow and the green one together while the pink one I mostly used solo. I don't think they are still available but I think they made fantastic job at formulating these scents.

Catrice Vitamin lip treatment in Innocent Rose is jet another one from my big bulk (I snatched five of these vitamin lip treatments before they discontinued them). I only got one of this shade and while it is lovely it gives the slightest hint of color to my lips, mostly it just looks clear. The scent is fruity and moisturizing properties are nice. My lips felt well hydrated while I was applying it regularly. The bottle is small so I go through these rather quickly.

The very last item is this Avon ultra color lipstick in the shade Knock out Pink. This is my oldest lipstick and due its age I have to throw it away (it is still available and perhaps I will repurchase it again after I go through two or five more lipstick cases). It is lovely rose shade with bolder and darker hue. I prefer to wear it more sparingly (more of a dab on the lips rather than a full swipe) and it creates this lovely blushed effect that I love but the reason why I didn't wear it more often is that it doesn't last for as long as I would like so currently I'm trying to find a lip stain that would give me a similar effect.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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