17 September 2019

Smokey Day


big pallets are still on the rise but I personally sometimes get lost. When there are too many options I can't seem to make my mind so fever options give me more freedom and when the tones are just right... long story short, this trio is quite old and in Slovenia no longer available but it contains some of my favorite shadows.

Essence smokey eyes set in Smokey Day trio. Lovely neutrals but on the cooler side and that is how I like my neutrals.

I wish they would give us a bit bigger pan of the lightest shade but other than that I don't have any complaints.

The top shade is rather neutral in tone but the other two are proper cool tones.

Unfortunately the lighter shade doesn't photograph well. Here it just looks like random shimmer but in real life it is light grey with nice reflection, perfect for highlighting inner corners or topping other darker shades because it has enough pigment to show and enough shine to glow.
Top shade in the palette and the middle one on the swatch looks quite warm in the sandwich but I would say it is pretty neutral. Lovely almost matte shade to set the base and create some definition.
The third shade is my absolute favorite since it has this gorgeous shimmer that I'm so very crazy about. The cool undertone makes my heart skip a beat and when I put it on my eyes it looks like I used two or three different shades when it is just this one.

This is a lovely little trio and I'm glad that I picked it up before it was sold out. I have it for quite a while now and I'm still not sick of it, that tells a lot.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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