09 September 2019

Sweet Peach


this lip gloss is a true cutie. I have a thing for glosses in tubes and this particular one is peach scented, how could I resist?

It is Essence smoothie gloss in Sweet Peach flavour.
There are four other scents/shades but the rest are brighter and while they are pigmented I thought will be harder to apply and wear so I opted for the most natural looking from the bunch.

I think lip glosses in tubes are easier to apply while on the go but only if it is sheer (so you don't need a mirror) but this wide opening makes it a bit hard. The tube dispenses a little too much products (maybe if you have thicker lips that perhaps won't be an issue for you).

The color looks more coral when you squeeze it out but I like to sheer it out so it looks super natural and it gives my lips just a hint of color but plenty of shine and delicious Peach taste (it seriously is delicious). The only downside is that I apply too little so it also doesn't last on me. I wish they would make it a bit more sheer so I could lay down a thick layer which would make it last longer and I wouldn't need to reapply every 45 minutes or so.
I took it with me on a vacation (it doesn't have any SPF) because it is easier to use liquid lip product on the beach than lip balm in a stick format (I remember last years vacation fiasco when my lip balm simply melted). It is not perfect (I wish it would be a bit more sheer) but if I would lost it I would go to the store and repurchase it immediately, it costs around 2 EUR and you get plenty for your money.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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