08 September 2019

Zinc about you


I have found this little beauty under discontinued...

It is Essence melted chrome eye shadow in the shade Zinc about you. I grabbed it immediately since I'm already familiar with the formula, last year I think I received shade called Steel the look.

This one is rose toned and something a year ago I wouldn't even look at. Just recently I started experimenting with pink on my eyes (I'm still using blushed on my eye lids because I don't think I can commit to a full pan of pink shadow) and this makes a great lid topper.

I lightly rubbed my finger in there and the first swatch is made with plenty product on, second and third line were made with the remaining. I wanted to show you how pigmented and packed it is, even on the third swatch you can see plenty of shimmer and it sparkles so lovely when you actually put it on.

At some angles this color might look a bit more brown toned but that is just the light play. Sparkles are what matters and Essence really nailed it with these little magical pots. If they are really gone they did it wrong. I think I can speak for everyone and say that we love glitter and we want it back especially the kind of glittery shadows that stick to the lid, have zero fallout, they don't crease or fade. These are amazing and if you have some you can consider yourself lucky.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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