11 September 2019



another day another nail polish. Lately I have been on a neutral kick and I'm loving it especially if they have some shimmer to it and this one is sparkling.

Essence the gel nail polish in the shade called Flamingold even though I see this color more bronze than gold.

This color was the second one that I had some reservations but since it was so cheap (1€ because I got it on sale) I still purchased it. The other one is On air! that I reviewed last week but both surprised me and turn out to be among my favorites.

Just like the golden shade On air! this one also has some silver sparkles to keep it on the cool side but the shimmer is smaller and therefore also easier to remove.

I find this color to be lovely, neutral but it sill packs some punch on the Sun. I honestly can decide which one I like better but thankfully I don't even need to ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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