02 September 2019



I just got back from my lovely vacation by the sea. I actually took this mascara with me to test it out in the water but I never used it. I have been using it prior my trip but not while on vacation. As I'm getting older the less make-up I use on casual days and when I went for a swim I really didn't want to be bothered with my make-up.

It is Catrice EYEconista lash millionizer volume waterproof mascara. They have the non waterproof version in the coppery-rose gold packaging and apparently it was a big hit so they introduced the waterproof version in this lovely green tube.

As far as I know (I don't own the original) they have the same wands. The applicator is small and slightly curved (I'm used to have larger brushes) and also the bristles are quite short and far apart. I had some issues with combing my lashes especially at the beginning when the formula is extra wet.
I left my bottle opened for a bit to dry it out, really wiped the excess from the brush and apply it gently over my lashes. That technique worked and I got a lovely result. Still this is not my favorite mascara because it takes a bit more effort and it doesn't elongate my lashes as much as I want to but if I would be caught in the rain (I sprayed my toner quite intensely and even splashed my face with some water and mascara didn't budge) I wouldn't worry about it, I mean all of my make-up would come off but mascara would stay pretty much intact.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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