05 September 2019

Fascinating Grace and nail oil with coconut and monoi oil


a little while ago Catrice surprised me with a lovely package of their new products. The other day I was doing my nails and I just had to try the two nail related products for myself to see what is what. I love cuticle care and sparkling nail polish so expectations were high.

When the promo photos started to circle around my heart skipped a bit when I saw these gold effect nail polishes so getting one of the shades was amazing. They send me the fancy looking rose gold number named Fascinating Grace and alongside is the nail oil with coconut and monoi oil (it smells delicious).

Fascinating Grace is full on shimmery nail varnish and oh so beautiful. Application is easy and two coats are enough for full coverage.

I compared the Catrice oil with Essence nail care serum that I received last year. They both do amazing job at moisturizing dry cuticles the difference being in the scent (Catrice one wins here because the Essence serum is scentless) and feeling. One is a serum so it sinks in pretty fast but if my cuticles are extremely dry I need two or three coats while with the Catrice oil one layer is enough but it also take a while to absorb.

Here I have two coats of Fascinating Grace on and it might look like it does not offer full coverage but I can assure you that this is just an illusion, light is playing tricks with my camera.
It is very modest looking in terms of color because it does not stand out and jet it catches the light so effortless. I had plenty of fun wearing this nail varnish for a full week.

The finish is smooth (no grittiness from the particles even without top coat) and removing wasn't too annoying. It did took me a bit longer but not as long as it does with glittery nail polishes.
All in all I was not disappointed with these two buddies, in fact I'm eyeing the red and purple varnish within the same collection...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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