11 September 2018

Steel the look


Essence came out with these intense metallic shadows and the moment I saw them I  knew I will want them. There are six shades available and I got the coolest of them all.

Officially they are called melted chrome eye shadows and the name is definitely suitable. My silver shade is Steel the look.

It feels almost creamy even though it is not cream, just powder but it is so smooth and buttery. Mine arrived cracked and I have to be careful not to drop it but otherwise it is fine.

Pigmentation is insane, I just lightly rubbed my finger in there and the first swatch is the result. Crazy, right? With the remain shadow on my fingertip I made the second more subtle swatch. I wore them both ways and with my regular primer underneath (ArtDeco shadow primer) it stays put all day, no creasing or fallout.
When they announced that they will discontinue the super popular and awesome Metal Shock shadows I was surprised but I knew there is something even better in the works. I think they did an amazing job with these. I'm only judging by one shade but this is crazy pigmented but if you want it it can be subtle. Almost creamy formula does not allow any fall out plus there is no glitter or visible particles. The shadow itself is so reflective that it doesn't need any big sparkly chunks.
I absolutely love it and I'm rocking the sparkly and reflective look almost every day, I'm seriously considering buying the green Lead me or the soft golden shade named Ironic.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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