11 May 2018

Stars & Stories


this next product isn't new but it is very bling-y and so very fun that I had to show it to you.

I think Essence came out with this Metal Shock eye shadows last year and they have 7 options. I picked up the rose gold one named Stars & Stories.

 It is packed full with gorgeous silver glitter and on the Sun it is blinding.

It comes in the lip gloss type of packaging with the doe foot applicator. I like to wipe it at the back of my hand and then pat it on the lid to avoid contamination (I use primer and often I place some powder shadows for some base to create a little bit of depth).

Because it is a cream product is can be applied very dense and then it catches the light and shines like a metallic wonder.

Here the base color is seen and a couple of months ago I wasn't even into pink shadows but slowly I'm turning around. Plus all the other shades are ether too dark, even more pink or there is one gold shade but it is too yellow for my taste. This one was the only one that I liked and as it turns out it is perfect.

It looks so nice but I don't really wear it so heavily on my lids. I prefer a thin layer so the base isn't even seen just the sparkles come to life.

This is more up my taste, I like to apply some brown shade all over my lid and just dab the glitter on top to make my eye shadow look a bit more special but still keep it office friendly. What I love about the formula is that there is no fallout and my cheeks stays glitter free all day long.

I don't wear it every single day because then it would loose that special effect but by no means I'm saving it for special occasions. I think it looks great on hectic work Mondays or more relaxed Fridays.

If you have been thinking about getting it my advice wold be an absolute yes, I hope they will come out with even more shades. I'm thinking of a golden one that is not so yellow, more antique. That would be something I would be very interested in.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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