26 May 2018

Project polish


for this month project polish I picked quite randomly actually three pink nail varnishes with different finishes, textures...

First is Essence Bubble Gum clear nail polish with pink dots. They aren't shiny or glittery but on a softer pink base they remind me of strawberry seeds. It is fun and I did wore it a couple of times but not recently. I went through my extensive collection and decided to give it away while it is still good and someone else could enjoy it more than I am.

Next one is another Essence polish in the shade Love and Care. I sort of feel bad for giving it away because it was kindly sent to me. I love the formula but the shade isn't really my piece of cake so I only wore it twice last year and that was it. The other reason for parting with it is the fact that my sister has a similar color and she is nearly done with it and she loves it so I decided to give it to her. I guess it is still better to give it away to someone who will love and wear it non stop, that is the purpose of nail polishes, right?

The very last one is also from Essence and it is named Pop (which says on the front of the bottle) or Just can't get enough (which reads at the back). I remember when this collection was out everyone was wondering why they have two names. Anyways, this is a lovely holographic top coat with warm undertone. I loved painting it over soft pinks or nude colors but now it got so goopey and thick that I have to part with it.

That concludes 13 bottles and still counting.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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