03 May 2018

Like you're on a dream date


when I saw this TE I wanted all of the products. I haven't been so excited about Essence TE in a while, sure I like one or two products out of the entire range but this one was totally my jam.

Essence Glow like... collection is full of highlighters, well mostly highlighters and I wanted a liquid one to mix it into my foundation for a long time so I picked up this multi - use liquid highlighter in ...like you're on a dream date (how cheesy is the name but I like it).

It comes in a long tube that is easy to squeeze but firm enough to stand alone so it doesn't tip and falls under my bed (a recent trouble I have with some flimsier tubes or maybe I'm just clumsy).

It is golden, not too yellow with that beautiful pearly glow. There are no shimmers or glitters involved and I like that.

Here you can definitely see the glow and if I apply it straight on my cheekbones after foundation it looks really nice but I have plenty of other highlighters that I can use for that. I bought it mainly to mix into my matte foundation to give me some more glow and not look too 'dead' ;)
I like how it mixes in and on the skin the glow is very subtle if I would like more shine I can always add more but the barely there glow works for me plus I won't go through the tube so fast.

This is how it looks fully blended in and I think it is gorgeous. I can see myself using it all year round even on hot Summer days because nothing beats the look of fresh skin and that is exactly what this liquid highlighter does.
Every day I feel like I'm on a dream date even if I just go to work because you never know when you will meet someone, right?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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