08 May 2018

Unexpected metallic


for today I have a sad news, sad in a make-up kind of way not the world is coming down. Brand L.O.V. is getting pulled from Slovenian market and at the moment all of their products are -50%. The prices are higher that what we can find at Catrice or Essence and because I know these two brands more and their prices are friendlier to my pocket I was neglecting L.O.V. products but last year in December I picked up a couple of items and I still haven't show any of them, I decided that now really is the right time. Remember, if there is anything you would like run to the store if you don't live in Slovenia and still have L.O.V. then you don't need to run, you can walk ;)

I was intrigued by L.O.V. unexpected metallic single eye shadows. Very sparkly, very me.

Grey one is called Shadow Play (so many songs are named Shadow Play and they are so good) and the lighter more doll like color is named Aurora. Very appropriate if you ask me, just wait to see the glitter that is in there it is insanely beautiful but only if you like that sort of thing.

Shadow Play is buildable, I can wear it only as a wash of color or full on and it can look quite dark on my pale complexion but to prevent it to look to strong and dark it has shimmer that sparkles so it can also look cute.
Aurora is much softer in color and pigmentation. The base color is a mix between pink and peach and often I apply it over brown colors just to get some warmth and plenty of shine. Sparkles in this one are bigger and there is more of them then in Shadow Play. Maybe they tried to substitute lighter color with more shine?

On the light they look gorgeous, metallic. You would think that they are cream shadows but in fact they are just buttery powder shadows.
They are so very good, some of my favorite formula and I wish they would make more shades I think there is around 10 colors available but they have different finishes which doesn't matter anymore because they are saying goodbye.

Another photo, this time my hand was a bit shaky but the shimmer/glitter is even more visible here so I decided to keep it and show the glowy beauties. If you like that sort of shadows go and check them out. Be careful when you apply them, shake the brush beforehand and pat them on the lid and with that technique you will avoid the glitter fallout. As the day progressed I noticed just a couple sparkles on my cheeks nothing too much, I had some that were shedding like cats in the Spring so these two are not glitter bombs that ends up on your cheeks.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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