15 May 2018



holy cow how time flies, don't you agree? It is already the middle of May, Spring is almost gone but to me it feels like Winter was just yesterday, right?

First I have a recurring player which is this Alkmene Tea Tree face wash. My skin responds well to the Tea Tree so it was a no-brainer to get this one but I didn't like the packaging with this texture. The gel is pretty liquid so this short nozzle spills it, you have to pick up the bottle, tilt it and that is the only way to collect the product. I guess I'm lazy but pumps are supposed to be convenient and the packaging on this one sucks (or rather I should said I'm too lazy for it ;) but the face wash is really nice for my oily, acne prone skin. It cleansed it without stripping it out and the scent was weirdly calming and therapeutic to my nose.

Balea always have these fun products for a limited time. This time I picked up a Tropic Fun hand cream which smells like a tropic heaven filled up with pineapples. I kept it at work and my coworkers used it as well. Whenever I saw someone massaging their hands with their eyes closed and with a smile on their face I knew they they were transported to the beach all thanks to this baby. Everyone liked it and it was such a big pick me up kind of cream that I wouldn't mind having another tube of it. The texture was light, almost gel- like and it did absorb fast, it wasn't the most moisturizing one in the world (I still prefer my Avon Care glycerin hand & nail one but when it comes to the scent this one beats them all).

Avon Planet SPA Relaxing Provence Spa with Lavender & Jasmine hand cream was another hand cream that was gone this month. This one was kept in my pocket due to its small size. I expected to have obvious Lavender scent but it was softer and a bit more flowery (Jasmine). It was nice but if you are a die hard Lavender fan than this won't be it. I liked the formula enough that I will try some other scents as well (I already picked up the Olive one, next it will be the Argan).

Avon Perfect Kiss Naturally Nude and Sweetly Peach lip glosses are the last two that I had. These were some of my favorites and I'm sad that they stopped making them. The only reason why they aren't completely used up is that I have been saving them because if I would use them they would be gone, instead I didn't use them and didn't get to enjoy in them and now I have to toss them while they are still full. I know there is no logic, I feel bad enough and I will try to be better in the future.

The little pot is Avon Nutra Effects Ageless Revitalizing eye cream. I bought it right when it came out as I was looking for something new but it didn't convinced me. The texture is a 'regular' cream that takes a little time to absorb (not ideal when I'm in a hurry) but on a long turn I didn't notice any difference. Not only that it claims to fill in the little lines (moisturize the skin so much that the fine lines disappears) but also to help to reduce the dark under eye area where I notice no results. So when I dropped the lid and it rolled under the bed I couldn't be bothered to find it right away, I was late for work. When I came back I forgot so the next morning I figure it out that the lid is still missing but it took me another day to finally move my bed to find the cap. By the time (almost two days the cream was exposed to air and if I would love it I would find the lid right away, wash it and close it tightly) the pot was reunited with its top, some of its moisture evaporated so the cream was thicker. I didn't toss it but I used it at night with a thicker layer and finish it up faster.

The very last item is another Avon Planet Spa item, this time a Caribbean Escape with crushed Pearls and Sea Algae illuminating body butter. I completely forgot to take the photo of the actual product, someone might be interested in the shimmer but for the disclaimer the shimmer is golden and super fine but there is tons of it. On the sun I would sparkle like a secret Vampire ;) What sold me on it was the gorgeous scent. Pearls and Algae? I think Pearl is mentioned because of the shimmer and the Algae? I seriously don't know, it definitely doesn't smell rotten or weird but rather comforting, warm and somehow creamy. I think everyone would like it, it is just so very soothing and perfect to apply it from head to toe and then snuggle in the bed.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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