05 May 2018

Blue velvet


a while ago I was raving about one particular eye shadow from Trend it Up brand and I couldn't get enough of it. I went back to see if they have more shades (I found it on the discontinued products shelf and it was the only shade available, at least in my store) and I loved the shade so I took it home with me. It has been siting on my dining table for two if not three months and I would just stare at her because it is so beautiful...

Trend it Up Scarabeo eye shadow in the shade 060.

It is this beautiful navy blue with some blue reflex/duochrome. It looks like you used more blue shades while in fact is just one, this one.

It looks like velvet, right? Tell I'm not the only one. Little sparkles are everywhere but it is not glittery.

First is a heavy swatch which is really easy to build up on the eyes as well just use some flat brush and pack it on (there is some fallout with it). The second swatch is more modest and blended out so it almost looks gray but in person it is still blue just less intense.

The duochrome effect doesn't translate that well on the photos but it is there. It shines a little brighter blue which gives the shade some vibrancy and extra life. That is also why this shade looks gorgeous on its own because it looks like I have used at least three different shades to create the depth and different tones.

This is my only blue shadow and I really thought that it will be perfect, I even used it as a liner along my lash line and the line was seen, the blue showed up even though I tried to make it as thin as possible.

I sit here and rave about it and how beautiful it is but unfortunately I won't keep it. On my oily lids (I primed them with super duper awesome base that works for me every time) it creased every single time. No matter if I paired it with some other shades if I used it on its own as a shadow or liner it always got messed up after an hour or so.

For me this is one of the most beautiful blues but since I can't wear it I will give it away to my friend and I can only hope she will wear it and like it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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