21 May 2018

Chestnut and Shirocco


I was at the H&M and ventured into their make-up aisle to find some beauties on sale. After checking that they weren't touched I picked up two products (I had my eye one on beautiful shadow but all of them were swatched and ruined so I didn't picked them up).

I grabbed face powder in the shade Chestnut and cream eye shadow in Shirocco.

The face powder in the Chestnut coloring is way too dark for me but I wanted to use it as a bronzer. They had some lighter shades but the sample that I tried showed me that they are somehow powdery and the color appears lighter on the skin than in the palette (later I realized that the brush picks up the powder nicely and the product itself is very pigmented).

Shirocco (also a breed of horses) cream shade is quite warm and a little out of my comfort zone but the one I initially wanted was already tried so I opted for second best.

The texture is pudding like and very different from all of my potted shadows (Maybelline Tattoos and Avon Mark ones are harder). It is very easy to get too much on the fingertips because a little touch is enough to cover both lids.

Chestnut is deep but as mentioned a light swatch with a finger didn't really showed up that much that is why I went for a really deep shade. On the swatch below I did a couple of swipes but my bronzer brush is very good at picking the pigment and I have to be extra careful not to apply too much.

Here the first swatch is cream shadow which shows the rich color (one swipe) and some golden shimmer that adds even more warmth and some extra life to the game.

Second is face powder which I'm using to warm up my cheeks but only with a light hand and some serious brush tapping.

Shirocco cream shadow applies nicely and it is easy to blend out with my fingers. The only 'problem' is heavy pigmentation so I have to be careful not to have too much on my fingers but other than that it is great. It sets nicely and doesn't budge even on my greasy lids but it still gives you enough time to work with it before it completely sets.

And one closeup to see the shimmer, sometimes I add a golden shadow on top to lighten it up or just pat something glittery to get even more sparkles.

All in all the 'bronzer' takes me a little more time to blend but it is matte and I don't think I have a matte bronzer. I still prefer shimmery or sateen finish but sometimes I still want to go all matte and this will be handy.
For the cream shadow I have only great things to say about. The most impressive is the staying power. I like this formula even more that the slightly harder Maybelline tattoos which also have a great staying power (only the matte versions work for me). I'm almost done with one of them, the most neutral and instead of repurchasing it I will check the H&M beauty to see if they have a light neutral, everyday shade and I will rather get that one over the Maybelline one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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