20 May 2018

Glow... like you can't stop laughing


another five days have passed but I'm back with the highlighting palette that rocked my world. This was a great way to try some rather unusual shades to see if I can pull them off. This product was kindly provided to me from Essence PR team and I can't thank them enough.

Essence had this beautiful collection called Glow... and in some stores it is still there. I received one out of the two highlighter palettes named ...like you can't stop laughing, which is also embossed onto the product (mine is almost gone). The palette isn't small by no means so I think it will last me a life time.

I feel like this one is overall cooler and lighter. I did look at the other one while in the store but they didn't have any samples to try and it looked dark for my pale complexion so I passed.

Starting from the top shade which looks pretty scary in the packaging as it looks grey but on the skin is that pure white with maybe a hint of silver sheen, great for cooler skin tones or if you just like that super bright highlight.

Second one looks a little warmer in real life and it is cream but as the first one this one too looks very different on the skin, it reflex pink. It looks nice with some pinky blush even though it contains some glitter.

Third shade looks very pink in the pan but on the skin it shows up blue and very glittery. This one is my least favorite but as an eye shadow topper it is manageable.

The last one looks peachy and that is exactly how it looks like on the skin at least one doesn't come as a surprise. This one too has a nice sheen like the top shade and it looks nice as a topper over peachy- coral blushes or over bronzers.

Swatches were made in the opposite order so the first swatch is the bottom one in the palette and so on.

All four are shining like crazy, they are buildable but they start pigmented and you can only make them as one of those seen from space kind of highlighters. I don't think they are for shy people. I like my highlighter to be less obvious but when I want that magic these are the ones I reach for (or the single highlighter also from this line).

Here you compare the peachy shade which has beautiful sateen finish and the blue shade next to it which doesn't have a base color just some cool toned blue shimmer/glitter.

Middle two shades have more of a shimmer which isn't what I want but I think pink (the third swatch) is still manageable because I can pair it with the pink blush and the glitter isn't as obvious as it is in the blue one (second swatch) plus I don't want to walk around with blue cheeks.

This photo was done with a shaky hand (when you make gazillion photos and you aren't completely happy with none of them so the sun is already setting and it is getting dark) you get a photo like this but I decided to keep it just to show you the colors and that you will believe me that the second shade from the bottom in the palette or the second swatch actually look blue.

My favorite has to be the white one for really obvious cheek days, second is the peach one, especially now in the warmer weather to spice things up. Pink will get used occasionally and the blue one is way out of my comfort zone but it looks nice on sertan days just in the center of the lid paired with cooler tones. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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