14 May 2018

Lip Glow


sometimes I get so excited about a product and I can't even explain why. By all measurements I would dislike it but in that hyped up moment I thought that buying that particular item is the best thing ever. One of those is the lip pencil below.

Catrice makes this Lip Glow Secret Glowtensify lip liner only in one shade and it is supposed to adjust to your personal PH level so everyone can wear their 'perfect pink'.

On the bottom there is also a sharpener if you like super precision but with this one I like the regular round tip and I have never used the plastic sharpener at the bottom.

The product is pink (I was expecting to get a clear one) and it does apply clear, wait a couple of seconds and it will turn bright pink (at least on me but all of the PH/color changing lip products I have ever tried turned hot pink on me).

The texture feels very waxy and it does almost sticks together and moves around when I rub my lips together which is very weird. I thought that it will be absorb into my lips and all stain my lips but it sits there like cold wax. On its own it feels weird and I don't like it but I started putting clear or light pink gloss over it and that isn't so bad. The color after time stains my lips so even when it wears off my pink lip is still showing.

In general I'm not a big lip liner fan and this particular liner didn't changed my mind. The texture is just too 'heavy' and obvious on my lips to be comfortable for me so I will try to use it a bit more or just toss it by the end of the year if I'm not going to finish it up. Now I wonder how other lines of lip liners from Catrice feels like...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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