23 May 2018

Pure Expression


I still have plenty of L.O.V. products to show it to you. This time it's the nail polish. It is my very first and wow, they can make excellent varnishes.

L.O.V. color and care nail polish in Pure Expression was my first pick.
Soft cream color that can be put on in a hurry and it looks great with everything, it seems like a good deal especially because I used up my only cream polish up.

I like the fact that it is a bit sheer even though the camera makes it look more sheer. I like this 'I have no polish' kind of look because it looks effortless and clean, not to mention that it can be applied almost in the dark but it will still look nice.

The formula is very nice, not too liquid but it spreads like butter and it also dries in a reasonable time. I wore it for six days I think and there were no chips just a little bit of tip wear and that is A+. The only 'flaw' is that the look above was made with four coats, I am used to two coaters so this is a bit much but the end result is so nice that I'm not even mad.

I bought two more colors and I think they will be more pigmented and I will report back after I try them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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