30 April 2018



this time there is a lot of make-up items in my empties and I always like to talk about them so lets just jump on the descriptions because this post will be long ;)

Red tube is Melvita Youthful day cream which I received in a giveaway. I thought I would give it to my mom but she didn't liked it so I used it and because I felt it was a bit heavy for me I rubbed it into my skin at night. It was nice but nothing special so I won't buy it again.

Next is my favorite under eye concealer and it is Catrice Liquid Camouflage in the 005 Light Natural. This covers my under eye area and barely crease. After I apply it I like to leave it so it sets, in the mean time I finish my make-up (it takes me maybe 15-20 minutes) and just before I leave I tap the under eye area with my fingertips and that does the trick for me. When I get home after 8h shift it looks perfect. I highly recommend it to everyone but I'm sure most of you are already hooked on.

L'oreal makes this amazing Infallible 24h matte foundation in the shade 11 Vanilla. This is my second tube already and of course I'm on my next one. I love the finish and the wear time, I just wish it would be a bit lighter but I mix in The Body Shop lightening drops to customize my right shade and it is perfect.

Next one is Essence instant matte fixing spray which is also my second used up bottle and I already have a backup. It really is good but Catrice Active Warrior fixing spray is even better but since it is a limited edition... When I will finish all of them I think I will get back to this little boy that saves my make-up.

Next is Enesti Aloe and Honey foaming face cleanser. It was given to my by my sister and while it says it is moisturizing and gentle I disagree. This stripped my skin of all oils and made it almost dry and too tight. It smelled so nice, just like honey but it burn my eyes like nothing else. No matter how careful I was it was like pouring acid in my eyes, I gave up and use it on my body just to use it up. 

I already talked about Labello Labellino Mint lip balm recently and I will just quickly recap everything. This lip balm feels hard and barely anything gets on my lips, it is like it forms a hard layer... Not moisturizing at all and the scent was just like the toothpaste mint, I will pass and toss it. I am not even tempted to try other scent or try more of their balms in stick versions because they always disappointed me but the balms in a pot are majestic. I only tried one but I'm convinced. Soon I will get myself another one.

These three glosses are from Avon Perfect Kiss line that I adore. I bought four when they came out with them and later bought five more because they are that good. First four were all used up these on the other hand are still relatively full but they went bad (I had them for years and even thought they were sealed they didn't survived). First is my favorite and a backup, it is named Mauve Kiss and it is more of a warm nude than mauve. Next is a shimmery Desirable Peach, I like the shade but I think it would look better without the shimmer. Last one packs a punch and it is Pout more Pink with the same shimmer. This type of pink looks very good one me and it makes my lips look a bit fuller, it is the tone and not the formula.

They are very glossy but not longlasting, whenever I used them I never needed to apply lip balm because they were moisturizing enough on its own and I like that. I'm so sad that I have to toss them but I started to notice the weird tingly feeling on my lips whenever I would use them so I think they went bad. I still have two more shades left and I will start using them as much as possible until they will also turn bad.

The very last item is Avon Shine Burst lipstick in the color Peach Punch. I love this formula because it is pigmented but at the same time so very glossy and I'm all about shine without the shimmer. I liked this peachy shade that looked so fresh on me but I have anther color named Rose and the shade is soft pink which I like more. I noticed that soon they will discontinue them and I think I have to get some more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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