16 April 2018

Daring Pink


I feel so behind with my products. This blush was sent to me when it came out and I just never took enough time to sit down and write the review. I was using it since it arrived, I'm getting more and more into cheek products plus this color is so very me.

L.O.V. dewy gel blush stick in Daring Pink shade. There is another color available which is more peachy-orange.

The color to me is more coral-pink especially in the tube but on the swatch you will see it is more innocencent  pink.

On the other side there is also a very soft but dense brush which is a bit of a fail if you ask me. There is nothing wrong with it but I don't think it pairs well with the product. I find that if you want to use it to blend it it just wipes the product off. I bet it would be better for applying foundation then this particular blush.

The finish is dewy as they imply in the name description but after I blend it out with my fingers I still like to set it with some powder, it lasts longer but that way I lose the glow (nothing a little bit of highlighter can't fix).
It is that type of pink that looks so very good on the apples of my cheeks especially if I apply it a bit heavier and make the rest of my make-up very minimal. That way I get that sweet, fresh, healthy young girl look that I like. I don't wear it every day but let say once a week I like to channel someone extra healthy and fresh looking.
I tried it also on my lips but it did not go well, it feels almost powdery and dry so I wiped it off, it is definitely meant for the cheeks and the cheeks only.

All in all I really like this blush and I would like too see some more colors or even a bronzer with this formula...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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