19 April 2018

Active Warrior


Catrice came out with this very interesting collection named Active Warrior and is full of waterproof or sweat resistance product which is cool for working out and great for the Summer time. I have oily skin and I could definitely need some help at keeping my oils at bay or not being so shiny so when Catrice PR team reached out and offered me these two products I said yes immediately.

They are from Catrice LE called Active Warrior. First product is Instant Blurring Stick and second is Make-up Freezing spray.

The packaging is exactly the same (sans the color and the 'water drops') as it is with the LE Catrice Travelight Story and Essence For Boys and Girls primer sticks.
I love those two so when I saw another one I just knew I had to get it. I expected to be the same (the other two feel so very similar) but to my surprise it feels different. It is a bit thicker but therefore it creates even better layer between your skin and foundation, any liquid spreads over like a charm because all of the pores and bumps are smooth. I didn't think that would be possible but this one is better than the two predecessors. If you can find them stock up. I know I will try.

This Catrice Make-up Freezing spray is the bomb. I thought that it will feel cooling but it doesn't, I honesty don't know why they named it that way but I don't care. The cap looks wonderful with all of those 3D water drops which are unique on each cap, the bottle is plastic even though it looks like glass. I think lighter plastic is a better choice if you like to take it on the go and carry it around in your purse.
I went to the store and bought two more (that was before I tried the stick, otherwise I would get some more of those as well). The mist is so fine and it spreads out so well that I need maybe two spritzes and my whole face is covered. The best I think is how well my make-up lasts. I still get dewy but my make-up is not sliding off or cracking, I think I like it better than my beloved already repurchased Essence Instant matte spray.

I sincerely hope that Catrice will make them permanent. The packaging is lovely but I can get pass that as long as the formulas are the same.

Thank you Catrice PR team for sending me over these two, I love them so very much and I already mourn the day when they will be all used up :(

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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