20 April 2018

Dewy wet look stick


let's highlight this day, shall we?

Catrice came out with the Dewy wet look stick which is more subtle highlighter that doesn't have color but instead lets the texture do the beaming, sort of.

Closeup shows a lot of shimmer but on the skin it is barely visible, probably that is due to the fact that each particle is so small  and when it is blended over your face it is not as dense. It doesn't have any base color so it appears clear.

I hope you can see it. I think here it looks a bit more sparkly than in real life. In person it is a little more obvious but at the same time it looks so very natural.
I tried to explain it to my sister and I compare it with a clear and greasy lip balm. Imagine applying your balm on your cheeks, the light would catch and it will accentuate the glow with just its natural shine and that is exactly how this highlighter feels like. It has zero color just dewy texture that reflex.
I think it looks amazing on the cheeks if everything else is matte, then it stands out and is really beautiful however if you have oily skin it looses its point also if you powder over it you loose it.

You would say 'Do I really need it? I can just use my lip balm.' well, then you will be at loss. I wear my hair down and I haven't noticed that my cheeks would be any greasier that on any other day when I use a different powder highlighter. My long hair don't stick to it. The product is greasy but not 'hair sticking to it' greasy, that makes it so great.

I think it is great for those days when I want to look natural with my highlighter but I have so many of them that I decided to give it to my sister (I can still buy it if I will miss it that much) who hasn't tried highlighter before. She has perfect skin and only uses a little concealer under her eyes and that is it for the face, she doesn't get oily or anything like that so I thought she will get along with it. A couple of days later she told me that she got sort of addicted to it. She doesn't even leave the house without it. Not only that she is using it on her cheeks but also under her brow bone and sometimes she does the glossy eye look. She is having so much fun with it and I  think make-up should be fun like that.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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