27 April 2018

Sphere lip balms


lip balms are my obsession and when I saw the famous EOS balms on our shelves I knew I won't be able to resist for long. Labello also jumped on the wagon and brought their version of egg sphere shaped balms and I got one as well.

So the two EOS balms were sold in a set (I don't think you can buy these scents individually and I really wanted to get the orange one). Orange one is Pumpkin Spice and the cream one is Vanilla Bean.
The light mint is Labellino and is simply named Mint.

The EOS balms are a bit hard at the beginning but after I rub them about five times I get some product on my lips. The layer feels very thin and it absorbs quickly so I have to reapply around 20 minutes after. Not ideal but they keep my lips relatively soft for a couple of hours, after that I have to incorporate another more moisturizing product to keep my lips chap free.
I bought the set because of the Pumpkin Spice scent alone, I wanted to know why people are going crazy over pumpkin spice products. I have to say that I was disappointed. To me the flavor and scent remind me of old/expired cinnamon cookies. Not a big fan but I think I will be able to use it up.
On the other had I fell in love with the Vanilla Bean scent. I expected to smell very strong and sweet of vanilla but I was wrong. To me it reads something creamy and has just a touch of vanilla, I think they have the 'regular' stick available in this scent and I just might pick it up even though I don't love the formula.

The last is Labellino from Labello in the Mint scent. The texture is even waxier and I have to rub it on my lips for longer to get any product on my lips. I even cut the dome a bit and it was better for like two uses. It makes me think that it gets a 'hard layer' and ideally I would have to scrap a layer off before every application.... This one is even less moisturizing than the EOS ones, I would say that it did nothing for my lips, it is  just a cute sphere and if the scent would convince me then maybe it would be worth it. In general I love mint lip products so I thought that I will love this one too but this mint is very toothpaste-y. I have never have a lip product in a mint flavor that would give me the toothpaste vibes, it is very strange.

As cool as they look unfortunately they don't pack a punch, my lips weren't happy when I was testing them out. I will keep the EOS ones and use them here or there but the Labellino is going into the trash.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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