28 April 2018

Light Natural concealer


it is time to show you my favorite under eye concealer. I know I'm not the first or the last one to discover this gem but it is so good that I felt like I have to talk about it.

It is Catrice Liquid Camouflage high coverage concealer in the 005 Light Natural shade.

It is so light and creamy. Very easy to put it in the inner corners and blend it out with my fingers. Two thin layers are usually enough to get me that perfect jet natural looking coverage that lasts all day long.

It has a typical applicator, like lip gloss and you can apply it straight to the area that you want to conceal but I rather wipe it on the back of my hand so that way I avoid contaminating the entire tube. It is just my preference really.

The shade Light Natural is pretty light (almost my skin tone, maybe a smidge lighter so I can't use it all over my skin) and yellow toned which is great if you have blue under eyes or just yellow undertone.

The first swatch is liquid Catrice concealer in the Light Natural the second one is also by Catrice but is a Cream Camouflage concealer in a pot and mine is in the 010 Ivory (second pot already).
You can see that the liquid one is a bit lighter and more creamy/liquid which I find better for the under eye area because it creases so minimally. The one in a pot is better for the rest of my face, it is easier to cover up blemishes because of the slightly thicker consistency and the shade matches me better on my face.
All in all I love them both for different parts of my face and I hope Catrice will never ever discontinue them and even then I can try the Essence one which is also called camouflage...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day


  1. Netter Post!!! Es ist mein erster Besuch in Ihrem Blog, aber es scheint, dass es viele schöne Dinge gibt. Vielen Dank für diesen sachkundigen und wunderbaren Beitrag. Erfahren Sie mehr über natürlicher Concealer bei Augenringen.