17 April 2018

Mousse vs. serum


today's products may seem a bit boring but so very essential in hand care. They were kindly sent to me by our Essence PR team and I couldn't thank them enough.

The trend is rising in everything mousse so Essence didn't fall behind and released this Tropical hand mousse. You have to shake it a bit and just press the top and the light turquoise foam comes out. The more you shake it the firmer it is but it spreads like a charm.
If you can see how much there is on the photo below (not a full pump) that is enough for both of my hands. It moisturize them without the greasy feeling but if you apply a bit more then slippery hands are on the horizon.

I also love the scent which remind me of a fresh melon, nice and a bit hard to find in cosmetics I think. This is not the worlds best hand cream but the fun foam and fruity scent makes it exciting enough to buy it at least one more time and I have to get one bottle for my sister, she is a huge fan of foaming products (her indulging body foaming washes from Rituals... are now a staple in her shower), I just know she will like it.

The other product is Hydra nail care serum for both, nails and cuticles. I have to admit that the light blue color and  silvery bubbles makes it so nice to look at. I'm used to use thicker creams or oils but this really is a lightweight serum. I take a bit and apply on cuticles on one hand, massage it in (it is not oil based so it sinks in fast and there is no greasy residue left), I repeat on the other hand and if my cuticles are really dry (as they are at the moment) I do one more layer on all of my nails. After this little treatment my cuticles look like they got a professional care. I have been using it for almost three weeks straight and there is barely and use seen, this will last me a really long time but I haven't got any of the silver bulbs out. I imagine they would melt on my fingers but I just can't fish them out.

The nail and cuticle serum is fantastic, A+ while the hand mousse is more fun and deliciously scented. I don't think you would be disappointed if you pick it up the next time you will be browsing.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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