16 September 2018



a little late but never the less, my empties are here.
I feel like this time I have a good pile of awesome and some disappointing products, I feel that I usually have only good products...

First is Essence instant matt make-up fixing spray which I liked a lot. In fact this is my second bottle of it and I thought that I will repurchase this baby also in the future until the Catrice Active Warrior (LE spray) came out and I figure it out that that is even better. Since then I bought the Catrice matte fixing spray and I hope that it is just as good as the le one but this means that I will no longer repurchase this Essence one.

Avon's Little sequin Dress lotion was something I had my eyes on ever since it came out. Initially I wanted the perfume but since the lotions are easier to go though I bought myself this tube and I though that this scent will be the greatest (every time there was a scented page in the brochure I would rub my wrist and enjoy in the scent) but I was left a bit disappointed. The scent is still nice but nothing too special. It has that creamy rose scent mixed with some other flowers, it is not super sweet more so fresh. I like it a lot but it doesn't excite me as some other scent do so I won't buy anything else with this scent.

I was gifted this Afrodita cosmetics Passion fruit cream shower gel when I bought one of their sun lotions (my parents only use their sun lotions so once when they were on sale I bough a tube for them and received this as a gift with purchase). It had nice fruity scent, very invigorating and these natural looking beads (you can see them at the left bottom corner), not scrubby enough to do anything but rather annoying to clean after I was done with my shower. I would give them A+ for the scent but I would make them without extra particles.

The Body Shop Vitamin C glow protect lotion with SPF 30 wasn't as white as I expected and it did give me some glow (oily skin nightmare). I test it alongside with another sun lotion and I used each on one half of the face and went for a walk. After a couple of hours my face started to itch, the kind of itch that pimples are causing it (the nasty ones that grows under the skin and you can't do anything and are super painful) but only on the side of my face where I used this TBS vitamin C one. I have never ever used it on my face again, those acne took almost three weeks to heal and I wasn't ready to repeat it. Instead I used it on my arms where I had zero problems, it also has a nice pleasant citrus scent.

In the silver tube there is Skin 79 super plus triple functions BB cream. This brand is one of my favorites when it comes to the BB creams (I love the orange, V.I.P. gold, hot pink, oriental, I even like the green and purple even though I only tried the samples), this one was the weakest of them all. Coverage was barely there, more like a tinted moisturizer and it didn't cover anything, maybe blur and that is not what I was looking for. I ended up using it on my neck and chest to get some color (so my face covered in foundation didn't look too out of place plus I appreciated the sun protection I got from it, only 25 but still something). I definitely won't repurchase it.

 Second to last is one of my favorite mascaras and it is already discontinued I think, I can't find it in the latest brochure, I hope they will come back with it. It is Avon Infinitize black mascara (I probably received this shade in a set where I couldn't choose the color, I normally go for the brown/black version).

The brush is really interesting but very easy to navigate. It has spikes also at the very tip so you can get those tiny ones in the corner as well. I never had issues applying it to my lower lash line ether. The formula was great as it is with Avon mascaras and even a little bit of rain or tears couldn't smudge it even though it is not waterproof or water resistant. I'm telling you Avon mascaras are the best, Catrice comes really close.

The very last items is Avon ultra glazewear Mullberry lip gloss. Another beloved product of mine. I love love love Avon glosses but sometimes it is hard to get the right shade (I'm very picky). This was a limited shade at first but now they have it for years so I guess it is not so very limited  ;)  It is soft pink with almost milky tendency so if you have pigmented lips this could look odd. When my lips were a tad too red I applied softer pink lipstick and then I topped it of with a gloss to avoid my natural lip color show through and it looked so lovely with my complexion.

I am thinking of repurchasing this shade but I still have 20 glosses left and a lot of them are pink. Since this shade is not going anywhere I will wait and get it someday in the future, maybe next year.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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