17 September 2018

pore minimizing primer


I'm big on priming my face before I put any coverage on top simply because I would like it to last me through the entire day (if you have oily skin then you know that it can be a struggle). This Essence primer came out just on time for my sisters wedding. She had her make-up professionally done but I did mine myself and this primer was the first thing that I used.

It is Essence prime+ studio mattifying + pore minimizing primer with black clay (yep, that is the name of it). They have two more, one with green clay for redness prone skin and the one with pink clay which is supposed to give you some dewy effect.

The product itself really is grey but it melts into the skin very nicely without any color. I like the thin nozzle and squeeze tube, very convenient and small packaging. You still get the normal sized products with 30 ml and it is easy to travel with it.

Grey blob of product on the back of my hand looks like a seal, doesn't it? For my face I would use twice as much. It absorbs quickly and it doesn't feel sticky but rather smooth and pores are filled in.
I don't need to wait but apply my foundation right after it and it looks even and nice. My oils still comes through but it takes them longer and I can just powder it and it still looks good for the next couple of hours.

I think that this primer is really nice for my oily skin and it has proven to me through these hot days. If you are on the hunt for a good and cheap mattifying face primer I can suggest you to try it out.

It was sent to me from Cosnova PR team and I can't thank them enough.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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