30 September 2018



I have been focusing on a couple of products and so in this post I have a wide variety of empties. Some of them are my favorites and already repurchased, others not so good are already trashed and out of my life.

Avon Planet SPA Greek Seas with Algae extract smoothing moisture lock eye gel was something I wanted to try for the Summer but it took me much longer to actually use it up. It was a proper gel with some pink/purple pearl shimmer which wasn't obvious on the skin. It absorbed fast but I didn't noticed any special moisturizing properties so I won't repurchase it again.

This bottle of Eveline expert C, 12% active vitamin C serum is already my second one. I bought both at the same time and while I loved the first one I think this one went bad. There was no intense citrus scent as there was with the first one and I'm pretty sure this one caused acne, so I just pour it out. I know vitamin C is very unstable but I expected that the dark bottle placed in a dark drawl would protect the product inside. I have some other serums that needs to be used up but after that I will buy this serum from Eveline again but only one at the time.

Avon Advance Technique duo treatment spray for luxuriously nourished hair is another repurchased product. There are two oils and you are supposed to shake them to mix and it smells so very good. I haven't noticed that my hair would look better so I used it only because of the scent and I will buy it again in the near future.

Garnier skin active honey face wash smelled amazing. Very honey like and that is definitely my jam. It did wash my make-up off and didn't strip my skin. It was really nice but I don't think I will buy it again. Himalaya's neem foaming was or Alkmene's tea tree wash simply do more when it comes to my acne.

Second to last blue bottle is Melvita's Lavender floral face water. I think this is my third bottle of it and if it didn't work it wouldn't be a constant in my make-up routine. I like to spray my face with it after I'm done with my cream and before my powder products especially in the cooler months. I will probably try lavender toner from some other, cheaper brand to see if it works just as good otherwise I'm buying it again.

Batiste Tropical dry shampoo was a disappointment. I like their peony scented version but I wanted to try some other scents as well and this one was icky. To me it smelled like plastic bag which they tried to cover it up with a generic overly sweet coconut scent. I apologize to everyone who love it but we are all different, with different tastes. Peony version is already repurchased and I also took the cherry one to try out and I hope it will be better then this one.

Melvita Extraordinary oil was just a 17 ml sample (this is the second sample bottle that I went through plus I used up the full, 100 ml version in the past). This oil has intoxicating scent, it is so very good and addictive but I don't think it did much for my skin or hair. I used it and my skin didn't look any better, if anything it was a bit dry like this oil wasn't moisturizing enough for me. It is on the more expensive side so when the results aren't there I don't think I can justify buying a new bottle.

Catrice Pure Shine Colour balm in Go, Flamingo Go! was a repurchased shade and I used up another red one. These balms were amazing. Very moisturizing, tinted and glossy, everything I seek in a lip product and I would get it again in a heartbeat if I could.

Avon Mark Plump it clear gloss is nothing new for me. Through the years they changed the names, packaging, shades but the formula still seems the same. This is my third tube of it and I love it. Clear isn't really my first pick but the tingling, minty and cooling formula is phenomenal if you like that sort of thing. I'm glad that I used it up before the really cold weather because I only use it when it is hot outside but next year I'm getting some more. I'm eyeing the nude shade.

Alverde Rose face oil has been repurchased numerous times. My irritated skin responds so well to it. After a couple of days of using it (I apply it at night time) my skin looks more even and is more moisturized. I like the handy pipette packaging but 15 ml of product goes quick. At the moment I don't have it since I'm working on another oil but when that one is gone I'm repurchasing it aging.

A'pieu NonCo tea tree face oil is another little gem (14 ml) for my skin. When my skin is suffering form acne or when I just start to feel them under the surface I start using it (also at night), those little suckers don't stand a chance. Also at the moment that was the only bottle of tea tree oil in my possession but I'm testing a sample from The Body Shop and I will see if it is just as good.

The Body Shop shade adjusting lightening drops is another 'I can't live without' product. I love my foundation but the lightest shade is not light enough so I just can't see myself not using it.Even one week of vacation couldn't turn my skin darker enough to make it without the drops so this is a must and a new bottle is already in good use.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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