07 October 2018

Welcome to the Universe


it seems like everybody is ready for fall and prepared matte murky lipsticks which are all aligned along the changing leaves colored eye shadows but honesty I'm still not ready for it.
To rebel against described color scheme I picked one of the newer nail varnishes which stands out like a cucumber among apples.

It is Essence Cosmic Lights nail polish in the cool silver shade Welcome to the Universe.

It has foil finish with tons of holographic glitter particles which shine in numerous colors, hence the holo. They are large and make the finish rough and not so smooth as the regular foils do.

It applied really nicely with two coats and dried super fast. I had to operate faster than usually so I think it is especially convenient when you are in a hurry.

Maybe you can see the bumpy surface better here. The multicolored glitter only shows up on a direct sunlight or under strong fluorescent lights otherwise it looks bubbly.

I was a bit disappointed but I'm sure there are people who are looking for something just like that. Maybe it is also the shade that I received from PR team. At the beginning of the year I received this beauty. They are very similar minus the glitter and I decided that I like the Catrice one better so this Essence nail varnish will find another home but I will check out the blue one. It seems like it is the darkest out of the bunch and I would like it much better. The bumpy/bubbly surface wouldn't even bother me with such beautiful base. I will report back if I will end up buying it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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