15 October 2018



up till today I finished quite a lot of products or at least decided to part with them. Now I am starting to feel ready for Autumn especially because my skin is getting more and more dry and I'm falling back in love with heavier, cozier scents.

Afrodita's Great Burdock hair oil. I love this thing. You apply it onto desired area and voila hair will start growing after three or four uses. I use it on my brows, lashes (I am careful that I don't get it in my eye) and  scalp. I even got my mom and sister hoked up on it, if you can get it I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Avon makes this FullSpeed men cologne that is fresh and orange-y at the same time. A couple of years ago I was really into men scents and would buy a lot of them for myself but I outgrew that faze and prefer more feminine scents now. I still like it but mostly I used it in my car as a car spray.

I bought this Victoria's Secret hydrating body lotion in Love Spell scent right after they started to sell their products here in Slovenia but I never got used to the sweet, gummy bear scent. Just recently I picked it up again and while I'm still not super into the scent I found combo that I liked. I would moisturize with cacao butter and apply this on top. That scent combo is delight and was very comforting and calming. If I would have issues with sleeping this would solve them right away.

Colab makes nice dry shampoos in my opinion. No white residue, no stickiness but I have to use a little more than usual to get the job done. When I used up the first bottle (this is the second on of this scent) I thought that I found my kind of dry shampoo but I since discovered more brands that I like better. They are cheaper and with less product I get the same result. I love the Unicorn scent but I won't be picking it again.

Balea makes a lot of LE scents and this one was one of them. Cheers to Life is a slightly creamy body wash and it is described to have vanilla and citrus scent bu to me it smells more like a pomegranate fruit and I loved it so very much that I would buy it a hundred times more if I could.

Avon Advance Technique micellar technology color correcting shampoo without sulfates. It was something new and I was eager to try it even though I don't dye my hair nor I have any prejudice against sulfates. It didn't foam so I ended up using a lot more than usually and I also noticed that if I put some oil in my hair before washing this shampoo wasn't able to get it out so the products were just building it up and my hair didn't look nice or clean. I'm so happy that I'm done with it and I will never ever buy it again.

Another tube of my beloved L'oreal Infallible 24-h matte foundation in the shade 11 Vanilla is gone. I love the tone (it is a bit too dark for me but a lightening drops saves the day), high coverage and matte look so much that I only buy this foundation. I'm already using my next tube and I am already on a lookout for some sales to stock up.

Next I have two liquid lip powders from Catrice that I bought at the beginning of this year but I never got around to review them here. The main reason being that I don't like them. Metal matt liquid lip powder in Frame of Roses looks lovely and the ultra matt liquid lip powder in Will you Berry Me? looks very uneven on the lips and accentuates the dry areas. The Frame of Roses is able to cover the dry patches better because of the shimmer but I hate the dry feeling on my lips. That has got nothing to do with the actual product but with my personal preference. I am simply more of a lip gloss kind of gal and matte liquid lipsticks just don't float my boat.

The very last item is just a sample but the shade is too good not to include it here. It is Avon Caressing Coral lipstick from years and years ago. I am tossing it away because it has definitely went bad but the shade had me. I had a couple samples of the same color and this one is the very last one. I loved wearing it especially on the days when I wasn't feeling the best because this bright number always cheered me up and make me look more awake and presentable. I would happily buy myself a lipstick in this shade if I could find it, any suggestions?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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