28 October 2018

All I Need and Mojave


this post is long overdue because in the mean time they already discontinued one of the shadows but since I found a really close dupe I think it is still relevant to show them both.

They both have pretty recognizable packaging but still: Essence my must haves eye shadow in the shade All I Need (discontinued) and H&M Beauty single in Mojave (as far as I know it is still available).

I bough the Essence one first and then the one from H&M and I didn't though that they will be so close. I just liked the color and I thought that it will look pretty. I used Mojave for a week or two until it hit me that it might look similar to something I already have...

They are so darn close that I'm seriously thinking of passing one along but which one?
First swatch is Essence All I Need and second is Mojave from H&M.

All I Need is a bit lighter and shinier while Mojave has a bit more brown base so it looks more pigmented and more noticeable.

They both are so great as all over the lid shades because of the sheen which makes them look more dimensional. Whenever I use them it looks like I have used at least three different shades while in fact there is only one. I personally love this finish and such taupe-y browns that are so easy to use but they look like I have spent way more time doing my make-up.

Would you give one of them away or would you selfishly keep both? I think I will keep All I Need (regardless of the name) and Mojave for myself  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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