29 October 2018

Ohh La La & Glossaholic


Rimmel is one of those brands that fly very low on my radar. I was excited when they came into our drugstores but I seem to always walk past their shelves and even when I pause I rarely buy anything. These glosses were given to me, I checked them out in the store before but I always left them alone.

So, they are Rimmel Oh my gloss! in Ohh La La and Glossaholic shades.
The packaging is interesting because of the twisted tube which is the same as it is with their oils.

They have a rather above the average long doe foot applicator but they are easy to use and I can easily get enough product out of the tube and evenly disperse it all over my lips.
They have a very slight plastic-y scent which I can detect when I get the product out but when it is on the lips it is gone. That scent is the reason why I never picked them out. In the store I always open lip product samples and sniff them when in reality I just apply them on the lips and if the scent isn't strong I am not bothered.

The Ohh La La shade looks bright red in the tube but on the lips it is rather hot pink and it is even more obvious after the shine is gone and my lips are left with a really nice and even pink stain.

The Glossaholic is a different bird. In the tube it looks like a soft pink but on the lips it is almost clear. If I apply a bit more or after reapplying it the color shows up but in a very nice non invasive way (no sinking into the fine lines, if you get it out of the lip line it is not obvious...), what I'm trying to say is that it is very easy to wear and it goes well with everything even with a wedding gown. Recently my sister got married and on her big day she forgot her lip gloss at home and I had this baby with me so I gave it to her and she loved it so much that I decided to just let her have it. In person it looked lovely and even on photos it looks naturally shiny and so very beautiful and natural.

The red/pink color will take me some time to go through but I'm definitely buying the Glossaholic for myself as well. You just can beat soft, natural glossy lip that feel comfortable and stays hydrated (seriously my and her lips were soft through the entire night). Next time when I will be in the store I will definitely check the other shades as well but I'm pretty sure we don't have all 11 shades available.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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