08 October 2018

Like Jackie O


this mascara is no longer new but at least it is still available  ;)
It was introduced in August and I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift from Catrice PR team.

Catrice the little black one volume waterproof mascara in the shade Like Jackie O which is black.
I like the blue details which makes it stand out and the scrunched plastic so it looks like leather is a nice touch but what is inside is way more important.

The brush is rubbery, just the way I like it and has two different bristles. On one side they are shorter and thicker while on the other side are longer and slimmer.

The brush really is small, this is not an optical illusion. It really is sized as a 10 cent coin.
The formula is definitely on the wet side and before I figure it out I messed my lashes numerous times but I learned that if I wipe most of the product off it creates long and brushed through lashes which you can see below.

Here I'm wearing it on its own (top and bottom, skinny wand is great for bottom lashes) and it is the look that I like. Of course you can make them look thicker and more clumpy which isn't hard to do because of the wet formula and wider opening so the brush carries a lot of product but that is not 'my look'. Now I wish I would take some photos of when I screw it up but I was always in a hurry to fix it (remove my eye look completely and start all over again).
I still decided to wear it for my sisters wedding and it turned out great, I took some extra time to apply thin layer and it survived through waterfall, rain and allergies.
I like it and still use it in combination with something else or on its own but I like the lashes to kill mascara better.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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