26 March 2019

Millennial Pink


as you already probably know Essence has come out with a different bottle design and formula with their nail varnishes. I liked the old curvy bottles but these bullet styled ones are not too bad. I was lucky to receive one of the colors to try it out.

Essence Shine last & go! in the color Millennial Pink. It looks like a straight forward pastel pink but I have noticed that it leans toward peachy territory on me.

I was scared that it will be the typical pastel, streaky and hard to apply but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was wrong. It applies like any other nail polish (for pastels that is a big compliment). I have used two coats and got very nice result. The finish is super glossy.

I'm actually very impressed by this color since I avoid pastels even though I like them but I despise their formula. I see that they also have a dusty pale blue (I have to check it out in the store).
I actually wore this baby twice, the color is so nice on my skin tone, neutral but still in a way bright, it also makes me look a bit more tan. I bet it will be even better in the summertime.

I think Essence did well with their new line of nail polishes judging only by one color (I know, I know that is not enough) but even before their vanishes were the bomb so I will definitely buy some more colors from them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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