15 March 2019



it is time for the empties. This time there is no make-up bits (they will be in the next one, I think).

I bought these two back in December and they are already gone. The formula on these Nivea hand creams is light and moisturizing (it could be a little more nourishing but I'm not complaining because I hate greasy hands). The first tube is Cherry Blossom and I think it smells pretty nice (my favorite out of the two) the other one is Sea Minerals and it has that calming Spa scent (very very nice but cherry blossom tops it of for me). I still have one baby version to finish and a bunch from other brands but I see myself repurchasing it again, plus the tube feels like it is made out of rubber, very interesting and cool.

Next is a very simple looking shampoo from Ilirija. They have I think three versions and for the first time I picked Kopriva/Nettle one which is meant for people who washes their hair often (I do it every third day). It smells very herbal and I like that. It manages to really cleanse my hair but I have noticed that now my hair lack volume (I don't have a lot of volume naturally and this one didn't help with it). I still like it and I think I will repurchase it again (it is dirty cheap, less than one euro) but probably I will combine it with some other shampoos to get the perfect results.

Another shower essential is crossed off my list with this body wash. It is Avon's naturals Passionfruit and Peony body wash which is one of my favorite scents and probably I got it in a set with the lotion. It was a nice wash but I can find just as good body washes for less.

The very last item is from my never ending perfume collection and it is from Avon (of course it is from Avon ;). It is Dreams perfume in a 30 ml bottle. It has a fresh rose note and pretty much nothing else. I like it but since I wore it so much lately I am glad that it is gone and now I can focus on something else. I have at least three other rose scented perfumes in my collection but they are all different from each other which is kind of crazy.

I'm super happy for the perfume to be gone. It is crazy to see the entire bottle empty since they are so hard for me to use up and at the moment there is one scent that I want to wear all the time so combining the two was the key and that lead me into this whole new world of mixing scents. I remember just a couple of years ago I was so against buying scented water, I just couldn't believe how people fall for it but now when I own close to 40 bottles... I will just say that I'm converted.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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