27 March 2019

Powder blushes


today I have some blushes ready for you. This past year was at least for me big for blushes. I was buying them all the time and sometimes I bought some that didn't suit me...
I have head nothing but excellent reviews about Trend it up blushes so I went with two colors.

Trend  it up makes these powder blushes in nice round packaging. I choose shades number 50 and 55.

The first one, 50, is soft, muted rose and matte. It doesn't look particularly cool or warm and as it turns out it looks nice on me (I don't look good in cool pinks). My only 'complaint' is that it is matte but that is very easy to solve, a tad of highlighter on top and I'm good to go.

The deeper, darker rose blush no. 55 has beautiful shimmer in it and with this one I love the glow that it gives. I think if they would combine the first color with the sheen of the second one I would get the obvious winner (at least for me, for my preferences that would be very close to the perfect blush).

Here is how the heavy swatches look like. I was immediately concerned that he color no. 55 would be a bit dark on me but maybe if I use light hand and blend it out...

Both tones are really pretty. Soft pink is so very versatile and the other almost looks brown toned or on me it sadly looked like a bruise even with a light hand. The sheen that it gives is phenomenal but this particular color really wasn't meant for me. I think olive skin tones could really rock it but not my pale complexion.
This turned out to be an amazing formula, they were very pigmented so I have to be a bit careful but other than that... they both lasted on me all day long (the deeper one I only wore at home, so no one had to stare at my 'intense' cheeks ;) and at least one of them didn't clash with my skin tone. The shade no. 50 is a clear winner here but formula vise they are really great. If I will spot some more nice shades (I'm thinking coral next) I just might pick some more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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