24 June 2017

Avon goodies


Avon is one of my favorite brands to shop. Some people don't like the whole catalouge shopping but I find it very calming and fun. There is no traffic, no rude people showing you in the ribs or stealing 'your' parking lot... I can just relax in my living room while browsing through colorful pages and if I'm interested in something particular I will google it and found out more about it.
This time I picked some already discontinued products but they are still available for grabs if somebody is interested...

I still don't own a bath but occasionally I will treat myself with one of their bubble baths simply because I love the scent. This one is Pomegranate and Peony and I love both scents individually but together they make perfect harmony. I will most likely pour it into my hand soap dispenser and use it as a hand wash.

Second big bottle is new limited edition scent from the senses line and it is called Brazil waterfall with lemon, blackcurrant and ginger. I only took a whiff from the bottle and it smalls so refreshing with a dab of lemon juice squeezed in there. I can already say that I will be buying a backup before it is gone for good.

Next to it is a line of lipsticks that silently got discontinued (you can still get a hold of most of the colors just ask your Avon rep). They are Ultra Color Absolute lipsticks, I absolutely love the lip glosses from this line but the lipsticks are just okay for me. I have one shade already but I wanted this particular one mostly because it was often featured on models and it looked like a perfect coral for me. It is named Creamy Melon but the shade didn't wowed me. I will prepare different post with close up photos soon.

In front of the bubble bath is the tiniest little make-up sponge. I was expecting to get a 'normal' sized one and really wasn't prepared to see this baby. I guess I can use it under my eyes to properly blend out my concealer. We will see how that will go.

In the middle is a lovely nail polish topper which I had my eyes locked ever since it came out. It is Lovely Lace and you get a bunch of cream and white non shiny glitters dispensed in a clear base. I will most probably wear it over pastel colors for a delicate flare.

I caved in and bought another Always on Point pencil from the molten collection. I already have the Molten Pewter but this one is rose toned and called Molten Rose. I thought that it will pair well with brown and warmer toned eye shadows better than the green one. The formula is so smooth and buttery that I just had to get it.

The last item is an eye shadow brush. In the brochure they suggest you to use it as a blending brush and I think the size is really lovely for that but I'm often too lazy to do more than one color all over the lid and I think this will be good for that as well. I will give it a go and report back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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