21 July 2017

new from Catrice


I just casually walked into the drugstore and imagine my surprise when I saw all of the Catrice products that are being discontinued cramped into one little bowl. Is the stand half empty now? Nope, it wasn't, they filled it up with brand new items and I was one of the first people (I wasn't there first thing in the morning) because some items didn't have samples on display jet and the ones that did were untouched and waiting for me. ;)

Okay, one item is from Catrice Soleil d'ete limited edition line. I got myself a highlighter Gentle Sun Glow (bottom right corner), it looked really cool and unique. The ring around is slightly pink toned and the circle in the center is beige, very interesting and the golden glow is insane. I will try to swatch it before this collection is gone for good.

They discontinued a lot of their blushes (Illuminating ones are some of my favorite) just to replace them with something slightly different. I swatched the creams and they looked nice but I already have three cream blushes and I don't use them enough so I left them be, instead I picked one of the strobing blushes in the most unexpected color (at least for me and my taste). They have a brown, peach and berry toned one and I picked the latter named Mrs. Rosalie Berry. They all have golden sheen to them and somehow this one looked the most special and I most definitely don't have a shade like that.

Sun Lover Glow bronzing powder is replacing the old one and it looks less orange. It is called Sun Kissed Bronze and it is the only shade available, at least for now. Fun fact, the pattern looks unique and random right? Well, there was another one on the shelf and it looked exactly the same, just an observation.

The last item is a highlighter in a stick. It is called Strobe to Glow Highlighter stick with a dewy finish. You can pick among three shades, mine is in Tomorrowland White Gold. I wouldn't really say that I have a thing for highlighters, if I wear them (which is rear) I just put it over my blush or bronzer, I don't highlight the high points of my face with it. I'm too scared that I will look like a hot mess with my already oily skin so why did I felt the need to buy two in the same day? They looked nice. That is it. Their beauty is captivating. Would you just look at the perfectly round sphere? And how shimmers look like they have been poured and glazed over? I'm a little scared to use it because our relationship can quickly turn into a disco ball maze but I will give it a go and proceed with a light hand.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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