25 July 2017

bronzer brush


today I will follow with another LE product that I'm absolutely obsessed with. I have to admit that I would never pick it up myself but I'm so glad that they send it to me because I love it.

This brush comes from Essence Hip Girls wear Blue Jeans and it is called face perfector brush, it is meant to apply blush or bronzer but you can use it for whatever you want.

The bristles are super soft and they stayed like that even after three washes plus I haven't seen any hair falling out. I decided to use it for bronzers and I'm loving it. It softly kisses my skin when I'm applying powder and it blends it so effortlessly. The only 'issue' I have experienced is with harder pressed powders. Because the bristles are so soft they can't pick up powders that are pressed super hard. That is the only 'issue' I have and even that one is not a big one. In conclusion, this brush is my favorite one for applying bronzer and if you are looking for a new cheek brush I would highly suggest you to pick this one up, you won't be disappointed.

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