18 July 2017

Catrice products are on sale...


the tittle says it all. Yesterday's trip involved four different drugstores and I still haven't find all three products I wanted for myself but instead of that one I couldn't find I treated myself with two others so it is all good ;)

On my wishlist this time there was only one nail polish and it is from their Soft Blossom collection (it is supposed to be scented, I bought it only because I liked the color) in the shade Tulips R better than one which is a bright cool toned pink. Normally I'm not into strong pinks but this somehow looked amazing to me and I can't wait to put it on and see if I still like it as much.

I also bought another blush from the Defining range (not even one moth ago I bough Sunrose Avenue) and this one is called Rose Royce. To me it looks like a peachy-pink shade and I think I will like it a lot.

At the bottom there are much talked Beautifying lip smoothers. I wanted to get the delicate pink Cake pop shade but it was ether sold out or already swatched in the store so I bought the other two available shades Coffee to go and Greatest Mauve ever (initially I didn't planed to get them but because I couldn't get my hands on the shade I wanted I picked the two others to make my peace ;)

The last two items are the Lumiere single eye shadows and I got them for my sister. She wanted them ever since they came out but somehow she never picked them up so I did that instead. I got her the lightest two and I think she will love them. The lighter one is Diner en Blanc and more brown toned is Pret-a-Perle. After swatching them in the store the strong metallic effect almost blew me away but I stayed strong and didn't get any for myself.

If you want something you should better hurry until everything is sold out or you can just wait till the brand new items hit the store and pick something for yourself then.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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