10 July 2017

Chilly Orange


it is time to show you a lipstick that was sent to me, in case you are wondering what am I doing with a bight orange number ;)

It is from Catrice Travelight LE and it is in the shade Chilly Orange. It comes in a sleek silver tube which clicks into place and the cap won't come off easily.

As the name suggest the shade is bright orange and veeeery pigmented. Swatch underneath was made with two effortless swipes.
When you open it up it has a weird scent, something plasticky and sweet but once it was on my lips I couldn't detect it anymore. After a couple of seconds I started to feel the cooling sensation on my lips which lasts for a couple of minutes. I personally like that but I know there are some people who don't.

I'm maybe not the best person to judge this lipstick with a strong matte finish because it is my first one and that is only because I was convinced that I won't like it. I like to feel something moisturizing on my lips which get dry pretty fast. The lipstick lasted but it started to crack as my lips started to get dry under it. Lipstick itself I don't think is drying but it doesn't provide enough moisture so after an hour or so it looked terrible on me. The matte finish didn't convince me and I will rather stay close with glossier lipsticks, they don't last as long but they feel way more comfortable.

I think this shade will look great on my sister so I will pass it on to her and maybe she will love it more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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