30 July 2017

Project Polish


it is time for the empty nail polishes and the ones that are past its prime. Today I have three of them and that completes 18 bottles out of my collection and I'm getting closer to the number 100. For this year I set myself a goal to get under 100 bottles of colored nail polish (I'm not counting clear base and top coats).

I'm starting with super old Avon bottle from their nailwear pro line (now this line has a + added at the end and when the bottles still look the same they carry less product, now you get 10 ml). Mine is in the shade Romance. Here on the photo you can't see but it is a duo chrome and shifts from silver to light lavender depending on the light. I used a good third of it and I think I liked it back in the days, anyway now I can't remember when was the last time I used it. I simply just don't want to wear it so I'm gonna declutter it from my life.

Next to it is one of my beloved babies. It is Catrice Dirty Berry and there is nothing dirty about it. Lovely lavender color has been upgraded with small holo glitter. It is not a strong holographic nail polish but it seems to me that they offered this for us who were just getting our toes dipped into the rainbow water and deciding if we like it or not (BTW, I love it and can't wait for new Essence polishes which will be full on holos available in 5 shades). This one also carries a special moment for me. I lend it to my sister for her graduation and just thinking how important this was for her it makes me all warm to know that my little polish was also a part of it.

On the last spot we have Essence Yes, we pop! LE in the Hey Smiley shade. I remember getting this in a giveaway and it is not a shade I would pick myself but I was pleasantly surprised. It is a medium pink color and compared with some other similar shades this one has a touch of berry in it if that makes sense and I think that was the reason why I liked it (I also owned Avon shade Wandering Rose and they were really similar except this one was a bit warmer and berry like. I ended up giving the Avon one to my sister and I kept this one). It is not empty but at the bottom it started to change color, in person it is way more obvious as it is almost white. I decided not to mess with it and discard it.

This was it for this month, I'm quite pleased with myself even though I only finish one bottle but the fact that I'm getting rid of something is big for me. I don't like to admit but I am a hoarder and until something is completely drained out I don't like to let go. Probably just a year ago I would try to use both colors (Romance and Hey Smiley) up despite not liking one color and the other one looking all marbled but not in the good way.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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