19 July 2017

keep it perfect - fixing spray


what is your opinion on fixing sprays? Do they work for you? For quite a long time I though they are a waste of money. I bought myself one from Avon (it was their first one, since then they repackage/reformulated it twice so I don't know if it would be the same) and it caused my skin to break out really badly. I tossed it away. I bought one from Alverde with some fruit extracts and while it smelled nice I didn't noticed any difference in my make-up so I used it up and I won't repurchase it again.

In the Spring time I was interested enough in this Essence keep it perfect fixing spray to buy it. At first I wasn't sure if it did anything but the warmer the weather and oilier my skin I really started to believe that my make-up wore better with this on top. My skin will still get oily but foundation/BB cream wouldn't start to separate and that makes a big difference.
There is slight scent but nothing too abrasive, the sprayer spritz a fine mist so you don't get soaking wet. The bottle contains 50 ml of product and if you use it every day it won't last for long but then again because the bottle is small you can take it with you and use while on the go.

I have only a couple of uses left and I will definitely repurchase it but I will check if my local store has the matte version, if they do I will try that one otherwise I will just buy the same one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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