26 July 2017

Cinnamon Candy


I feel like every second cheek product knocks my socks off. I'm on a serious roll because I'm buying and receiving so many that my make-up space is getting seriously crowded and still I manage to find real gems that makes my heart skip a beat.

Let me introduce you to this Essence blush ball in the shade Cinnamon Candy (they have two other more pink versions available as well).

It is domed and the brand suggest you to use it straight from the packaging without the help of a brush but I find this to be weird. I'm someone who uses foundation/BB cream everyday and just the thought to apply this powder straight to the face is unsettling. I prefer to use the brush and place it where I want it and blend it effortlessly. The color is everything, I went pass the 'weird' packaging just because of the color.

It is not too dark for my skin tone and it has some sheen to it. It is not a shimmer or glitter, it is way more subtle but it gives your skin that healthy glow. Honestly, whenever I wear it I skip the highlighter (if you love your highlighter to be seen from outer space than you can add some glow otherwise the blush does it for you).

In some light this looks like a bronzer and I'm having a hard time placing it into the right category. Is it a blush or a bronzer? Ether way, I love it and it makes me sad to see it getting discontinued. If you like it you should better hurry because it will soon be gone along with the other two shades.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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