24 July 2017

It is T.G.I.F. time


today I'm gonna show you one of those neutral eye shadows that we all probably have in various forms. There is nothing exciting about it but somehow your eye look isn't finished if you don't use it.

For me this Essence eye shadow from their Live.Laugh.Celebrate collection in the shade T.G.I.F. (now I finally know what it means and I totally identify with it) is just that. Slightly boring while in the pan but it makes huge difference when it is applied correctly on the the lid.

Like all of their mono's it comes with a plastic lid so you can stash it on its own or buy the palette to make a little family. For starters I only got one shadow but recently I won a giveaway held by Essence and I receive some other products plus the four pan palette.

This color is very neutral brown with a slight grey in it. On the photo above the color is pretty accurate but on the swatches it looks much warmer. On my lids it also shows up warmer than in the pan so I guess that is the beauty of a warm undertone.

Nevertheless, I find this color to be essential in a lot of my looks. I often use it all over the lid blended up in the crease. One eye shadow look has never been more simple but if you know me then you would know that I like a little shimmer (this one has a matte finish but not a chalky dry one). Often I put over something shimmery or I just use it in my crease and it works like a charm.

I compared it to my all time favorite crease shadow which is also from Essence and it is one of the velvets, in the color Taupe secret except that one is cooler. I'm very pleased with the texture which is buttery soft and has a lot of pigment and minimal powder kick off.
I will get a lot of use out of it and a little dent is already starting to show which is a clear sigh that I'm using it non stop.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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