28 July 2017

Lip smoothers


on my recent trip to the store where I picked up more or less everything that I wanted from Catrice before they completely discontinued some products I also picked up these two guys.

I wanted another shade but it was sold out (in 4 different stores!) so I picked up the other two shades available. They are Catrice Beautifying lip smoothers in Coffee to go and Best mauve ever.

They come in a squeeze tube with 'fuzz' on top. Similar stuff that is on the doe foot applicator sans the long stick. In fact I prefer tubes since they are easier to apply product wile you are on the go and don't have a mirror (long applicator makes it harder to get the lips if you can't see where it is).

When I squeezed them for the first time the product that came out looked very different (I don't mean the color but I focus on the texture). On the Coffee to go shade the product is oilier and on the darker one it is thicker (Best mauve ever shade was released later hence the slight change in the design but I don't know how old each one is). After using the nude shade a couple times it normalized, the product that comes out isn't as oily anymore and it is easier to use but the mauve shade is still a bit harder. The product still comes out in distinct bubbles.

They are both quite sheer but they do carry some pigment. My lips are naturally reddish so the Coffee to go shade acts a little light on me, so probably I will wear it only at home. The other swatch was made with Best mauve ever shade and you can see that it isn't as 'oily' as the first shade but I prefer the color as it matches my natural coloring better and it actually accentuates it but I have to be careful not to apply too much because it can bleed over the lines of my lips and it can turn me into a clown.
I have used them when my lips were really dry and I even had a little crack in the corner which was painful whenever I opened my mouth very wide. It felt like a oily gloss on the lips but after a couple of layers it managed to heal that crack and my lips felt moisturized and ready to be kissed.
These two guys have become my new healers (I still love the Catrice luxury oils but since these two come in a tube I find them easier to reapply but essentially they perform the same, actually I would say that the smoothers stay on for longer then the oils so I like them a bit more but that doesn't help since they are all discontinued).
I'm ready to sign some kind of petition to bring them back, thank god Essence has lip oils in their collection but wait, it would be too good to be true if they would keep them. Yep, they are about to discontinue them as well. I will be buying some of them even though I haven't tried them jet, I'm really into lip oils and I can't believe they are retiring them so fast after bringing them to life.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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