22 July 2017

Catastrophe Cosmetics


my recent trip to Lush store proved to be the right thing. I feel in love with this fresh mask and seeing results after just one use is, let's put it out there, a little miracle itself.

Lush makes this Catastrophe Cosmetics fresh mask full of jummy ingredients especially for acne prone oily skin. They claim to calm down and deeply cleanse the skin while also taking care for your sensitive skin with soothing ingredients.

This cup holds 75 ml of product and my plan was to count how many times I will use it until it will be gone but I lost track. You are supposed to keep it in the fridge and apply a thick layer every time your skin is in need, you should leave it on for 5 - 10 min (I left it until it got dry, it felt and behaved like a clay mask but I went through ingredient list and there is none, so my question is what makes this clay like texture?). The bits you can see are blueberry's skin, they aren't rough but it did felt like a mild exfoliation when I was rubbing it around.

Now it is getting a bit harder to spread (like a slightly dry clay mask) so I just add a couple of drops of water in my palm and that makes the texture easier to manage and spread over my face.
When it is on I can't feel any tingle or heat/warm feeling, which is good if you have sensitive skin. When I wash it off over the sink my skin feels super soft and it isn't red (it always turn pink or red when I use clay masks) so this a pleasant change. I would say that instead of drying nasty buggers it rather moisturizes and soothes the skin which is already in pain. The next day I noticed that some of my acne got smaller and the small zits that were just coming out to play were crushed and nowhere to be found. I said to myself after the first morning: 'This little pot is doing miracles on my skin and it should live on a shrine but will it manage to keep up with a consistent use?' Well, I continued using it and my skin is really loving it. After every use it feels soft and moisturized and pimples looks smaller the next day, the only complaint I have is that I haven't notice that it would clean my pores. They seems to look the same. If I use some heavy duty clay mask I can see that my pores are 'empty' and sometimes they appear smaller in size but with this Lush mask I had a feeling that it did nothing on that subject.
Will this stop me from using and buying it? Nope. I will repurchase it as soon as I'm done with it and I will use the 'regular' clay mask on separate days to mend all of my problems. Wish me luck to get my skin back on the normal track.

P.S. My mask was made by a cool dude named Miro, thanks mate. I really appreciate your work :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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