27 July 2017

Illuminating face cream gel


I have one more Essence product for you to show it. It is not something I would pick it up myself because I'm struggling with an oily skin and this looks pretty glowing while still in the bottle. Will I like it enough to use it or will I pass it to someone else?

This is Essence Illuminating face cream gel with awake effect from their Hip Girls wear Blue Jeans limited collection (in some remote stores they still have a pretty good selection of products).

I think that the awake effect comes from the pearly shimmer that is inside this bottle. The cream color blends in and is not visible, just the shimmer stays. Otherwise the product comes in a nice glass bottle with a convenient pump.

This is it, freshly from the bottle. It is not too liquid-y that it would ruin down your face but the texture is still very light and quite gel like.

When you start rubbing it in the pearl effect really comes to life and the more you blend the more shimmery it is appearing.

This is when it is fully absorbed, thankfully it is not sticky but the shimmer is there. Particles are very small and silver but still very visible on the sun. In my opinion they look very obvious even though they are super small. I'm getting the Vampire vibe with this on my face and is not what I'm looking for.

I even tried to mix it with the foundation to get that 'glowing' look and it was still too shimmery for me. On the third day I tried it as a highlighter, I placed it only on a high points of my cheek bones and I still didn't liked it because when you blend it out all that is left is shimmer and I just don't roll with that.
I was thinking if I know someone who would enjoy that and I couldn't think of anyone and instead I will take this bottle with me on a vacation and use it on my body for some serious glow on the beach. Of course I will use loads of sun cream because I don't think highlighting burns is nice.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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